Business insurance is extremely important whether you’re a smaller mom and pop shop, a medium sized retailer or a large corporation. All businesses need insurance. Businesses can be liable for any damage or injuries stemming from a product or service your company provided, unless proper liability coverage is in effect. Liabilities for injuries resulting from, product defects, packaging, misleading advertising, accidents, or even wet floors. Commercial liability Insurance is very important to keep your business safe to avoid any legal troubles.

Commercial property insurance is meant specifically to protect the business, its staff and assets. When it comes to furniture, inventories, hardware and software you must have a suited policy to keep things running smooth. When office space is leased, responsibility of the assets and business is on the tenant and our insurance coverage will help with safe guarding your business.

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  • Introducing Mobile Insurance Specialist

    We know life is busy, So when you need to have your insurance done just give us a quick call and we can zoom your papers and plates out to where you are....

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    Nick J

    The staff was super friendly over the phone, they got some quick information from me and drove to my work place as I finished work to complete all the paperwork and gave me my new stickers. So quick and fast I didn't have to do much.